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Party Tent City

If you saw my post on Yvette’s Boutique, you’ll know how much I love Web 1.0 websites that are chock-full of content. Today I stumbled upon Party Tent City. I don’t know what this means but I’m sure it’s incredibly useful: 10×10 can be expanded to a 40×60 with nothing wasted except the tarp. We […]

Due to the way GIFs are structured, it’s possible to hide other files inside the data of them. The GIF parser only checks for GIF file data, ignoring all other data within the file. Winamp and other good audio players only check files for playable MP3 audio within the file and ignores all other data. […]

TechZ posted results for his website based on a test from Silktide.com which analysis your website or blog and gives you feedback on your website in the. It does give you an in depth analysis, but here are the very basic categories: Marketing: How well marketed, and popular the website is. Design: How well designed […]

Free Fivers A decent website that offers cashback for shopping with merchants, registering for stuff and even some cashback offers for clicks you can do daily to earn money. These guys pay out on time always and I’ve just (last week) cashed a cheque for £79 from them. You get £5 just for registering! iPoints […]

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