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Malawi is one of poorest countries in the world, and according to NPR.org, more than half of the population lives off less than £0.50/$1.00 per day. That’s 127 Malawian Kwacha. A goon from The Something Awful Forums started a thread entitled Eating on a Dollar per Day, stating him and his room mate are going […]

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My first month of University life is over and from what I remember of it, there was a lot of learning and studying. Probably not enough to the University standard because of the excess alcohol consumption with my good friend ExGenesys. Now that I’m a student – what way to blow a crapload of money […]

Student Scum

Out of all the people on this earth. Out of all the colours, religions, sizes and personalities of people, one type of people come lower than the rest. Students. Students rack up tens of thousands of pounds of debt (Average £13,252 source), drink excessively, eat unheathy, fail to shower regularly, sleep late, stay up late […]