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Hey ho! It’s Sooty and co.!

Come on, who doesn’t remember and absolutely adore Sooty and Sweep? For those who actually played outside during their childhood (why would you do that?), Sooty and Sweep is a kids TV show which from the 1950s which still runs to this present day. Infact, in June 2008 some geezer called Richard Cadell bought the […]

In the following televisual presentation brought to you by member dennishsan from youtube, Adolf Hitler; our favourite historical dictator, gets banned from using his Microsoft XBox Live account and he is furious! This video will be favourite for generations to come. How did you enjoy that? Comments appreciated.

Skeletor Is

The guys at morphinenation.com have a section called “Skeletor Is” and it is crammed full of the funniest thing you will read in your entire life. If you don’t know, Skeletor was a character Masters of the Universe and the arch-enemy of He-Man. Here’s an exert from Skeletor is Dark: Pure comedy gold.

Anybody who isn’t a drag in common society grew up with the likes of Eric is Bananaman and Superted whilst growing up. If you don’t like it or have never heard of it, I hope you get mesothelioma from your Grandpa’s loft while he’s raping you. I present to you, an episode of Eric is […]