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Hey ho! It’s Sooty and co.!

Come on, who doesn’t remember and absolutely adore Sooty and Sweep? For those who actually played outside during their childhood (why would you do that?), Sooty and Sweep is a kids TV show which from the 1950s which still runs to this present day. Infact, in June 2008 some geezer called Richard Cadell bought the […]

Anybody who isn’t a drag in common society grew up with the likes of Eric is Bananaman and Superted whilst growing up. If you don’t like it or have never heard of it, I hope you get mesothelioma from your Grandpa’s loft while he’s raping you. I present to you, an episode of Eric is […]

As far as teenage dramas go, 99% of them are the same trash with recycled jokes using the very exact scenarios that teenage dramas have been using for decades and I thought Veronica Mars was no different. Members on a forum I frequent and on torrent sites I use still continued to rave about this […]

Welcome to my new category of my blog, entitled “How awesome is…”, in which I will write about how awesome things I like are. With no purpose other than to force my ever so meaningless opinions onto the people who unexpectidly see my blog Futurama Futurama is about a typical 90’s guy called Phillip J […]