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Call for apologize to Alan Turing’s death

Alan Turing was the greatest computer scientist ever born in Britain. He laid the foundations of computing, helped break the Nazi Enigma code and told us how to tell whether a machine could think. He was also gay. He was prosecuted for being gay, chemically castrated as a ‘cure’, and took his own life, aged […]

Party Tent City

If you saw my post on Yvette’s Boutique, you’ll know how much I love Web 1.0 websites that are chock-full of content. Today I stumbled upon Party Tent City. I don’t know what this means but I’m sure it’s incredibly useful: 10×10 can be expanded to a 40×60 with nothing wasted except the tarp. We […]

Fast Food of Choice for Geeks

This evening Duncan and I created what we believe will become the healthy fast food of choice for geeks. You will need: 1 x Kangaroo steak 3 x Packets of noodles Dried chilli flakes, salt and pepper to taste. Olive oil to fry the ‘Roo. It will be delicious, as so:

Thundercats (2010)

Whilst browsing IMDB doing very important research (wasting time), I stumbled upon what might be a goldmine of information. They’re planning on releasing a Thundercats movie in 2010. There is no further information on IMDB Free and I am not an IMDBpro subscriber so don’t have any more information. Check it out Thundercats (2010) @ […]

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