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Fast Food of Choice for Geeks

This evening Duncan and I created what we believe will become the healthy fast food of choice for geeks. You will need: 1 x Kangaroo steak 3 x Packets of noodles Dried chilli flakes, salt and pepper to taste. Olive oil to fry the ‘Roo. It will be delicious, as so:

Karoo’s Direct Approach To Server Status

After suffering for years with Karoo’s poor service, high prices, slow broadband rollout, then finally getting broadband only to discover my 56K modem offered comparable speeds, this really has to take the cake. I wondered why my “upto 8-mbit” connection was only acheiving a 65 KB/s speed from Usenet, so I consulted my ISPs trusty […]

Bacon Buster

A goon named dreadnought on the Something Awful forums submitted a thread called “There Will Be Heart Attacks: the legend of the Bacon Buster” and gave us the best thing since the hot dog roll up. I decided to attempt this recipe for myself. What type of wondrous food could these ingredients possibly create: Step […]

Warning: Your computer is currently broadcasting an IP address!

Remember this bad boy back in the day? It used to open in a javascript window resized to the size of the image to make the below average user believe their PC was seconds away from being hacked. If I remember correctly, it was executed by Bonzi, the same company that made that crappy Bonzi […]

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