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Inspired by a thread on the SA forums, I decided to have my own go at writing letters to people I hate.

Carbon-copy: To Ben Stiller

Dear Adam Sandler,
This is just a short letter to inform you that your movies are so awful that the tag mediocrity would be a hell of a compliment. Your roles are God damn awful and your acting is cringe worthy. I cannot even stomach watching a second of one of your movies because you seriously suck. Why did you even become an actor? Were you touched as a child and use “acting” to outlet the suppressed memories that eat you up inside? Do you lie awake at night in your hotel room thinking how you’re going to die alone and hated.

Let’s be honest here, you’re a one trick pony who can’t even ride properly. All of your movies are of the same premise where you act slightly stupid and make inane ramblings and/or stupid statements. It’s old. You’re old. You’re a bad actor and you will never be a blockbuster star. Plus your voice gets on my fucking nerves.

Yours sincerely,


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