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What do dreams mean?

When I woke up this morning, I genuinely thought I’d just made the biggest fool of myself ever. That was until I realized that I had been sleeping and I’d had my first dream for a long, long time.

My dream starts with me suddenly at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff for a football match or something. As people who actually know me, I work at at events stadium in my city which hosts football, rugby and concerts. Me and my team were there and I got handed my jacket to wear and I started to kick off because I had been handed a yellow jacket and not an orange one (which supervisors wear).

Then the event was taking place and I was speaking to this girl who was obviously Welsh, yet spoke great English with an accent. For some reason I felt like I was I love with her and just wanted to stay speaking with her.

Again, for no particular reason, I was using my PC, but I was on the concourse of the stadium. I was speaking with her on MSN Messenger and really wanted to tell her that I love her. I promptly woke up to the voice of some fucking retard on the TV singing to some cheesy song which aparantly is going to be representing United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Take me away in a padded vehicle, please.

Also, here’s a picture of Gordon the Gopher.
10 points to the first person who replies to this post with the phone number and the name of the early Saturday morning TV show he appeared on.

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