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The Undersigned is compiling data on bloggers worldwide on how, when and why they use blogs. Whether you use WordPress, myspace, livejournal or some other free or custom blogging script – fill out his survey please and then view live results of other peoples results (all tabulated and graphed nice and neatly for your viewing pleasure).

Thanks to TechZ at www.techzOnline.net for the heads up.

Here are some statistics from the current results:

  • 28% of bloggers started out in 2006
  • The majority of bloggers post 2-3 times per week.
  • A staggering 91% of people host their own blog!
  • WordPress is the most common blogging method with 79%!!
  • Only 4% of bloggers are honest and admit to doing it for the money.

Don’t forget to spread the word! Please contribute HERE.

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