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How awesome is Futurama?

Welcome to my new category of my blog, entitled “How awesome is…”, in which I will write about how awesome things I like are. With no purpose other than to force my ever so meaningless opinions onto the people who unexpectidly see my blog

FuturamaFuturama is about a typical 90’s guy called Phillip J Fry (or just ‘Fry’) who was cryogenically frozen on Dec 31 1999 at the stroke of midnight, only to be unfrozen 1000 years later.

The creator Matt Greoning is more known for creating The Simpsons.

Phillip J Fry – As above, he is a 25 year old pizza delivery boy, frozen 1000 years into the future. He works for his closest living relative Professor Hubert Farnsworth as a delivery boy at Planet Express.

Hubert Farnsworth – More commonly known as ‘the professor’, who started Planet Express to fund his mad scientist experiments.

Bender Bending Rodriguez – An alcoholic robot who smokes, steals and swears. He met fry when he was queuing for a suicide booth just after Fry was unfrozen.

Dr John Zoidberg – Zoidberg is a red lobster and the doctor of Planet Express, he’s usually seen around trashcans trying to get a free meal or in search of social acceptance.

There are tonnes more, all of them fantastic in their own right. Leela, Amy, Captain Zapp Branigan and Kiff to name a few.

There have been four seaons of Futurama so far, with another 13 episodes planned for a brand new season. Check it out, the complete box set is £60 from Amazon.co.uk. Some places still sell this for £30+ per season.

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