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Making Money From The Interweb

Free Fivers
A decent website that offers cashback for shopping with merchants, registering for stuff and even some cashback offers for clicks you can do daily to earn money. These guys pay out on time always and I’ve just (last week) cashed a cheque for £79 from them. You get £5 just for registering!

These guys give you points for clicks, completeing surveys, registering for newsletters or websites and/or purchasing via their links. The points add up pretty quickly and can be exchanged for prized or vouchers for websites like www.amazon.co.uk or a huge list of others merchants. You get loads of iPoints just for registering!

Pure Profile
A survey website that pays out in cash, or a choice of HMV, Odeon, Waterstones or Boots vouchers. Their website is very proffessional and clean and the surveys are short. They send me a survey at least once a week. Quite often they send mini-questionaires about types of things you might be interested in for the future for quick cash too!

Greasy Palm
I’m new to greasy palm, but it’s proved great so far, you get £2.50 just for registering and they have tonnes of affiliates who pay you to register/sign up or view their site.

Survey Savvy
Again, I’m new to this one. They have a great reputation of sending out high paying surveys.

Better Than Banners
This is my favourite merchant – they give you www.amazon.co.uk gift cetificates for putting ads on your blog/website. They’ll give you a £10 voucher just for putting their ad on, then a further £5 voucher every month while the ad stays on. Furthermore, you can add multiple websites to your account – say you have 4 websites, 4 x £5 is £20 in voucgers every month. Even better, you’ll get an extra £10 voucher for each of your friends you refer.

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