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AMD Fanboys Must Die

I’ve felt like this for a while, but until recently never had cause to actually express why I hate the AMD Vs Intel fan-boy wars.

Myself, I have no preference; well actually that’s a lie. For my own use I always buy Intel, but I have specified and built many an AMD system where it was the most suitable system for the job. And this is my point MOST SUITABLE I don’t base my buying on a love for either company or just to support the “under dog” as many an AMD fan does.

So, why the need to express all this now? Well around 2 weeks ago I got into a conversation with a friend about a new system he was building. This friend is supposed to be technically minded so I though easy this, just point him in the right direction and all will be fine, but, no. This person seemed convinced that an Intel system cannot run games. And rather than have a nice presler dual core clocked at 3.6 GHz wanted a single core AMD Sempron as it “would run games” No amount of linking to benchmarks and explaining that a CPU just processes code – 1 and 0s .. it doesn’t know the difference between Quake 3 and Microsoft Word.

For the geeks amongst you I am well aware of optimised code and how it effects performance with some multimedia applications, but they are all pretty much the same now AMD licensed SSE and MMX from Intel .. and 3DNOW .. I haven’t seen mentioned in years.

The performance difference is dictated by the processor architecture, and with one generation; the K8, and yes ONLY ONE generation AMD had the upper hand. Mainly down to Hyper-transport and an integrated memory controller. This doesn’t mean as most fan-boys seem to think that every AMD processor produced is quicker than an Intel. Far from it, AMD will be playing catch up for at least 2 years now .. maybe longer if they merge with ATi… I mean can you see an AMD-ATI wanting Nvidia taking the chipset sales? Nope . So we will be waiting for them to produce their own. Being left with the likes of VIA and SIS to fill the gap while they do… and that’s what will kill AMD.

Ill be ordering a Core 2 Duo E6600 shortly.. It will hopefully manage the odd game of solitaire.

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