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Predictions from top INTERNET EXPERTS predict Google will be seriously pissed after AOL’s blunder releasing search data to anybody.

A clever SQL statement could arrange these search queries in order of most submitted (useful) or even something as simple as alphabetising all queries for mobile/cell phone terms:

30 seconds to mars ringtone
50’s rock
alexis y fido
all american rejects ring tones with words
aly & aj ringtones
american idol ring tones
anthony hamilton ringtones
avant ringtones
beatles ringtones
bitch wallpaper
blink-182 ringtones
boomer sooner ringtone
broadway ringtones
buy real ringtones
buy ringtones

Search engine pay per click ads (Google Adwords) relies on users to bid to have their ad shown, for example if i bid 20p per click for “buy ringtones” to show my ad, I would pay 20p everytime somebody clicks on my ad. But if TechZ bids 21p, his advertisement is MORE LIKELY to be shown than mine – increasing his exposure.

All spammers or advertisers have to do now is bid on the keywords which are very popular searches but aren’t popular with other people who display the same type of ads and he can have a low bid of say, 2p and have all the traffic to himself for that search query.

I want Google to respond to this – I’ll keeep updated.

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