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Recently 8 of us departed on the Pride of Rotterdam aiming for Amsterdam. As soon as we got onto the ship we found our rooms and hit the bar. In one room was Dave, Kara, Sarah and moi. In another was Iain, Keith, Duncan and Joe.

The night involved walking to different bars around the ship and tasting their fine beers. Eating as much as we fucking could from the All You Can Eat “Four Seasons Buffet Restaurant”, Dave pretty much mauled the cheese bar and Duncan downed a bottle of wine like the disorderly alcoholic he is.

Later we played poker for serious, serious currency. M&Ms. God damnit those M&Ms were tasty. I ate my float after a while. They were so tasty. :(

When everybody else were either hiding or sleeping, me, Joe and Sarah stayed at the bar until midnight where we celebrated Joe’s birthday by Joe recieving a free jack daniels from the barman, Miguel, and I got 2 free pints of Castlemaine.

In Amsterdam we ate as soon as we got there whilst being hassled by hungry hungry hobos with fake american accents begging for our euros. We quickly wolfed down our grub and scarpered into the Madame Tussauds (Madame Two Swords, eh Kara?) Museum where I had the distinct pleasure of kissing Tony Blair, mocking George W Bush and grabbing the breast of our very own late Princess Diana. Oh how my penis was filled with pride.

We visited a café and enjoyed some of the local plants then walked across the street where the munchies kicked in, where we got a kebab. About 5 minutes later, still walking, we went for another kebab.

By this time, Duncan had been awake for more than six hours so we decided to all go on a canal boat ride where Duncan, Keith and Joe fell asleep.

On the boat back to England we were all tired so we ate and then chilled out and went to bed early. I enjoyed the trip, I hope everybody else did.

From left to right: Iain – Duncan – Kara – Dave – Joe – Sarah
Bottom: Keith
Behind the camera: meeeeee

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