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My Current Projects

I have a metric shitload of projects going on at the moment and thought I would tell you guys about them.

The Buttered Toasthttp://www.thebutteredtoast.co.uk
A poetry website where you can view and comment on real people’s poetry or by registering you can add your own poetry, create a profile, chat to other members, private message, rate, select their favourite poems and poets, allow people to comment on their poetry and so much more.

dag33k TV Guidehttp://www.dag33k.com/tv/
A small but very complex script I created to show you which day TV shows are airring , what the episode name and description is. This is invaluable for people who download TV episodes (from legal websites). A user can manually add shows too, they are of course moderated before being displayed.

dag33k IRC Tutorialshttp://www.dag33k.com/irc/
This is a tutorial for people who use the software mIRC on how to download files from other members who run fileserver scripts. There’s also a tutorial on how to start your own fserv/file server. With step by step images and descriptions!

Funny Pictures (DEVELOPING) – http://pics.eggs-world.com
A smallish website which will end up quite big if we advertise. It will be an image database where you can search for certain images with text and/or include/disallow images that may get you in trouble at work. Users can add images to the database (moderated of course) and just a general fun place.

Intranet (DEVELOPING) – http://intranet.thebutteredtoast.co.uk
A project that will benefit me directly. It’s an index of links of my affiliates and friends homepages that are easily accessible from the browser. Users are encouraged so set this as their startpage/homepage. All the machines on my network have. The area to the right of the screen will allow people to put their custom links on. For example User A has links to BBC News, ITN News and The Register and User B has links to Ampland, The Hun and FREE TGP DAILY – user A and B would see their own links in that area, not what other people submit.

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