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I’ve Finally Caved In

I’ve finally caved in boys and girls. I own a blog.

After years of slating blogs as being a personal venting ground for over emotional teenagers who the world “doesn’t understand” that do nothing but cry, upload shitty dark photographs and paste html from the billions of shitty “WHICH [OVER-RATED-ROLE-PLAYING-GAME] CHARACTER ARE YOU?” quiz that circulates this God damn Internet and I am correct. Mine shall be no different. Fortunately I am joking and mine will be all sorts of awesome

So how do you introduce yourself on these things? My name is Shaun. I am twenty one years of age (That’s AFTER 20 and BEFORE 22). I work at a stadium and it’s really quite shit. I live in a small city called Hull which is in jolly old England. If you fancy visiting me, I live at LONGTITUDE 53.747391 X LATITUDE 0.332422. Bring cookies.

What will I put here? Probably nothing. I might brag about how I am significantly cleverer than you or that I am a better programmer than you or I might even post pictures (true heroic livejournal style). It’ll probably be a closed forum for me to spam my links of my various websites (containing my various web-scams) with my advertisements on them.

Who will read this abomination? You are for starters. So thankyou and I am sorry if your first blogging experience on the Shaunmeister’s webspace has been a nightmare. I’m sure you’d rather spend your time reading anime fan-fiction and posting half naked and provocative pictures of yourself on your myspace and crying because your friends call you a camwhore.

Just so you know (incase you plan on coming back to this place), I am sarcastic, witty, unfair, xenophobic, random and absolutely adore spoiling the end of the Harry Potter books (I wonder if Aroa will ever wander onto these pages). I also hate YOU. I’ve always wanted to tell you but not had the guts to really tell you how I feel. I really wish you would fuck off to where you came from.

So… welcome to my blog.

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